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Aug 23, 2013 10:00pm EDT
in austin, texas and uh, she had some good ideas, i'm going to call her right now see if she has anymore. [phone rings] gladys: hello this is gladys and if you're selling something i ain't interested. ellen degeneres: hey gladys? gladys: hello? ellen degeneres: gladys it's ellen degeneres, i'm not selling anything. gladys: honey! ellen degeneres: hey! gladys: i love it. thank you for calling me. ellen degeneres: well you're welcome. um, did you see the show by any chance where i moved the plant for you? gladys: oh, honey let me tell you, we got austin, texas had a little bit of ice and two flakes of snow. ellen degeneres: oh no. gladys: and they shut the whole city down. ellen degeneres: no-no! oh! gladys: and they didn't even, i'm telling you, the local news, they showed an icicle hanging off a fellows roof to his house. and that was the big news here in austin, texas. ellen degeneres: oh, oh that's horrible. is this the first time you've been on tv before? gladys: no honey, i've been on tv before. i was on the, listen; i'll be honest with you. ellen degeneres: yea. gladys: i love jesus
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1